Dharma-books Curriculum

The Shambhala Dharma

Mukpo Institute students conduct a three-month investigation into the principles of Shambhala Buddhism. Students study and practice the fundamental meditation techniques of shamatha and vipashyana through the Shambhala Training or Sacred Path Series. These core retreats are supplemented with other contemplative study or traditional contemplative arts programs. When not in retreat, students complete assigned readings and practices and meet regularly with each other and their teachers for discussions.

The heart of the Mukpo Institute semester is a month-long mindfulness retreat called dathün. During dathün, students apply mindfulness to all activities in addition to scheduled walking and sitting meditation sessions. Meals are taken in traditional Japanese monastic style; silence or mindful speech is observed; also mind-body disciplines are practiced.

Sample Fall Schedule

Sept. 6th   Arrival Day
Sept. 7th Orientation
Sept. 9th – Sept. 11th Embodied Listening and Focusing
Beginner’s Kyudo: First Shot
Sept. 16th – Sept. 23 Shambhala Training Levels I – III
Great Eastern Sun, Windhorse, Drala
Sept. 29th – Oct. 29th Fall Dathün
Nov. 4th – Nov. 10th Shambhala Training Levels IV – V
Four Dignities
Nov. 17th – Nov. 23rd Five Wisdom Energies
Nov. 27th  Graduation
Nov. 28th  Departure

Many of the retreats in the Mukpo curriculum are also offered to outside participants as individual programs. Some of the retreats listed below can be taken separate from the Mukpo Insitute. Learn more

“My whole life I’ve longed for an education that nurtures and nourishes my whole being… I found that here.” -Zoey, Fall and Spring 2011/2012 Mukpo Student